Currently Maintained

Comfortable dynamic simulated cloth trinkets Gadget blocks for convention centers and adventure maps Over 200 cosmetic blocks from classic video games and original creations A sawmill for cutting wood blocks Use glTF models in resource packs and mods! Access mod integration data right away from your own mod initializer! Less of a mod, more of a tutorial for how to use the Brigadier library without making a mess.

Maintained by Other Devs

Minecraft GUIs without spending forever painstakingly aligning things to the background image

Debuggy Contributions

A mod that allows you to make more detailed builds with all kinds of new building blocks and shapes


Deep Sea Processing, Deep Storage Plants, and others; an industrial mod collection concept featuring unusual machines, crops, and entities. A next-generation GUI library for Minecraft, supporting full-resolution, dynamic layout, and serverside control. Spiritual successor to SerialEdit. An editing plugin similar to WorldEdit, but with a scheduler so it can't crash the server with an edit, no matter how big. Built-in client UI.


A new generation of user-friendly energy, transport, and logic devices. Turns the nether into a dangerous neo-hell that rewards exploration. Little industrial gadgets mod with signal logic and owls! Bukkit plugin similar to WorldEdit, but with a scheduler and destructive edits, so that no matter how big the edit, the server won't crash.